After a few years of using a cracked copy of SAM i decided to purchase a license.spacial logo

SAM Broadcaster is an Internet radio broadcasting application by Spacial. The name "SAM" is an acronym for Streaming Audio Manager, which describes the software's functionality.



The software features functionality for running an Internet radio station from a single computer. It can be used for running Live Shows with a DJ selecting the tracks to be played and mixing the sound as well as completely automated, where the programming is controlled by various rule sets outlined by the operator using PAL scripts to select tracks and queue shows.



SAM Broadcaster connects to most common streaming servers, such as SHOUTcast and SHOUTcast2 as well as some web servers like Live365 or the company's own paid stream hosting services, CheapestStream and SpacialNet.

For statistical purposes the listener counts as reported by the streaming servers are displayed as a graph in the GUI. The software also comes with a tool to generate reports on listener count and played tracks as required by various licensing bodies, including ASCAP, BMI and SESAC for royalty purposes.

Why using expensive software you might ask, if you just as easily able to use BUTT its free and doesn't cost much, well here is why, i want to be able to send out track information via shoutcast, one issue i have is that Traktor can not connect to SHOUTcast, it broadcasts to Icecast only, so I am running a local Icecast server that Traktor & mAirList connect to, not to stream audio, but to send the track info. Sam Broadcast Pro is able to read the track info from the Icecast server by running a looping PAL script then send it with the stream.