Wide picture of my studio setup, corner desk, with D&R airlab broadcast mixer built in on the right side, the Pioneer DDJ-T1 on the left side, 5 monitors and small studio monitor speakers.

In December 2018 I added 2 Devine MR-5A active monitor speaker to my studio.1519118272devine mr 5a

As I do not produce tracks and only use them whenever i take off my headphones these didn't have to be expensive (near-field) monitor speakers, they had to be active speakers though, as i do not want to put an amplifier in my studio (noise).



One of the cheapest option was to go with Devine speakers.

Normally, a set of studio monitors can set you back thousands and if you have some experience, then investing in a good set is a wise idea. But, if you're just starting out, or if you're on a budget, then this set of Devine MR-5A active studio monitors is a great option. These monitors are engineered specifically for mixing and have a frequency range of 70 Hz to 20 kHz, which means they're suitable for lighter music productions and small studio spaces. A handy feature of the MR-5A monitors is that they have soft-start and shut-down, which means they won't make that alarming 'popping' sound when turned on or off.