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Sunday morning set @ T-Nation EP97 stay tuned for EP98,
Sit back, Relax, Drift away on 2 hours of carefree Trance.
The best & newest out of this weeks Beatport Trance Top 100.

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This is not a pre-produced set, its build on the fly with new tracks.
No Key-lock, Sync, Quantize or Snap. Live recorded.

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Stay Real ♪♪♪♪ Stay Tranced! ♪♪♪♪ Stay Healty
♥♥♥♥ Hugs&Love ♥♥♥♥ all the way
Thank you... And please stay safe

DJ Dargo.


  1. Steve Brian & Danni Baylor - Damage Each Other (Extended Mix)
  2. Karanda - Fusion (Extended Mix)
  3. Ilan Bluestone pres Stoneblue ft Emma Hewitt - Hypnotized (Markus Schulz Extended Remix)
  4. Trance Wax - Lifeline (Extended Mix)
  5. Eximinds & HamzeH - Arena (Extended Mix)
  6. Davey Asprey & onTune - Paradise (Extended Mix)
  7. Hemstock, Mercurial Virus - Amena (Extended Mix)
  8. Indecent Noise ft Noire Lee - Sunglasses at Night (Extended Original Vision)
  9. Jody 6 - DreamaVerse (Extended Mix)
  10. Peetu S - Infected Sector (Extended Mix)
  11. Ronski Speed and DJ T.H. pres Sun Decade ft Clara Yates - Too Far Tonight (Extended Mix)
  12. Kaimo K & Trance Classics & Maria Nayler - Closest Thing To Heaven (Niall McKeever Extended Mix)
  13. Frank Dueffel - Hawaiian Spirit (extended)
  14. Alexander Turok - Oscillation (Tycoos Remix)
  15. Papulin & Kate Miles - Home (Aimoon Extended Remix)
  16. M.I.K.E. Push - The Remains Of Time (Extended Mix)
  17. Route Too Far & Sarah Howells - Without You (Nitrous Oxide Extended Mix)
  18. Steve Dekay - Pulsar (Extended Mix)
  19. John Askew & Gary Go - Smile (Extended Mix)
  20. KINETICA meets Pete Delete - To The Point (Extended Mix)
  21. Metta & Glyde - Renaissance (Extended Mix)
  22. The Conductor & The Cowboy - Set Me Free feat. Aero Vaquera (Nth Factor Extended Remix)
  23. AlexMo, Emoiryah - Silence In The Sky (Original Mix)