Wide picture of my studio setup, with D&R airlab in the middle, the Pioneer DDJ-T1 on the left, 5 monitors and monitor speakers

Recently i added the PreSonuspresonus03 360

Studio Channel

to my hardware inventory,

The Studio Channel’s Class A tube preamplifier is based on our original BlueTube DPPreSonus

The VCA-based compressor is known for musicality and fast attack, with the ability to tame the fastest transients. From slap bass, to snare drum, to vocals, the Studio Channel’s compressor allows you to record blazing-hot signals with total dynamics control. Its convenient Auto Attack/Release feature provides preset attack and release curves. The backlit VU meter can display gain reduction or output gain.


The custom-designed amplifiers in the Studio Channel’s three-band EQ deliver sweet-sounding gain and cut for smooth highs; deep, solid lows; and clear midrange. The midrange band is fully parametric, with variable Q. The high- and low-frequency bands have Frequency and Gain controls, but fixed Q, and can be either shelving or peak bands. The EQ can be pre- or post-compressor, and you can bypass each stage independently.

With both XLR and ¼” line outputs, you can connect the Eureka to almost any recording interface, amp, or P.A. system.

You can find more info on the Rode website via the link below: