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 --Update May 01  2020--

Account registration is fixed and open again Register Here

 The Sunday Service is going strong, more people decide to follow me and im slowly creeping towards 2000 followers on Mixcloud, if you like to visit my Sunday set live, you can find more info here.

For my Second Life group link 

Click here for my schedule

--end of update--


On this site you can find my information,latest sets along with the schedule, social contact addresses, etc, etc. if you would like to respond to any of my posts, please feel free to create an account, or use your facebook account, this in order to keep spam to a minimum...:) do not use your SL password! but it would be nice if you would use your sl name if you have an account.

i hope you enjoy your stay, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have remarks, critisism, or in need of more info.

Enjoy your favourite SL Clubs,


DJ Dargo

Written by DJ Dargo on .

A little background info about me,dargo1


At the age of eleven i got my first mixer, back in those days(late 70's, early 80's) mixing was no more then overdubbing songs and cutting & pasting tapes.

At the age of 18 i started as a light jockey in a local discotheque, and got my first hand on the famous Technics sl1200 turntables in the off hours, after a few months the regular DJ quit the job on Thursdays and Fridays and i was asked to take over, that was my first experience as a RL DJ.

throughout the years i have been working as a DJ in my spare time, mixing house, but as a hard rock dj too, in party cafe's basically everywhere i could work.

After a few years i was asked to DJ on the local radio station and did that for several years.


In Second life i started playing music pretty soon after i got my first piece of land about four years ago, playing around with Winamp first, then moved on to SAM Broadcaster software, which i still use for my radio broadcast on my region. then slowly i wanted to start mixing again, and was searching for a way to do so in Second Life, I found that way with a Pioneer DDJ-T1, Taktor and mAirlist. See more in the software & Equipment section of this website.

I basically mix Trance, House, Minimalistic Trance and House, Techno and Dance it depends on the place and wishes of the club owner.

contact info;


skype: djdargo-sl



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