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 --Update May 01  2020--

Account registration is fixed and open again Register Here

 The Sunday Service is going strong, more people decide to follow me and im slowly creeping towards 2000 followers on Mixcloud, if you like to visit my Sunday set live, you can find more info here.

For my Second Life group link 

Click here for my schedule

--end of update--


On this site you can find my information,latest sets along with the schedule, social contact addresses, etc, etc. if you would like to respond to any of my posts, please feel free to create an account, or use your facebook account, this in order to keep spam to a minimum...:) do not use your SL password! but it would be nice if you would use your sl name if you have an account.

i hope you enjoy your stay, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have remarks, critisism, or in need of more info.

Enjoy your favourite SL Clubs,


Industrial Dreamz

Written by DJ Dargo on .

As of 5-15-2012 i'll be working at Industrial Dreamz
Who : .:":. Industrial Dreamz .:":.  Industrial - EBM - Electro
Where :   maps.secondlife
Style : Hardstyle/Techno Hardcore and some trance
Rating : Moderate
When : find out here
Industrial EBM Goth Aggrotech Darkwave Futurepop Synthpop Electro Noize Trance Rock Metal Alternative Urban Gothic DJ Music Club Grunge Hangout German Dance Sploder Fishing Neko Demon Vampire Cyber Punk Party Live Industry

The style of music is not generic for this club, you can find all sorts of dj's presenting all kinds of music, my style here however is as stated above.

if you are the owner of this club, and like to change the pictures or text on this page 
please contact me in world.
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