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I’m slowly making my reentry into the DJ world in Second Life; about a year ago i started to lose interest in spinning music, together with a lot of other stuff i loved to do. I just didn’t had the stamina anymore to play for two hours, after a set i was exhausted, i could not keep up with the new music, new tracks and so on, so one club after another i stopped spinning in complete frustration.

After a few months I figured that something was wrong, besides my taste change, no more coffee for one, I started to feel pain while peeing. Went to the doctor and he told me it was a bladder infection, after a week of antibiotics the pain subsided and I felt better, then after a few weeks I tried to pick DJ-ing back up but that didn’t work, I was still tired and the pain came back, after another two times trying antibiotics, the doctor sent me to the specialist, they took a CT scan and found weirdness in my bladder and around my right kidney, the kidney was seriously enlarged and didn’t produce any urine anymore. I was admitted for a checkup; the doctor looked into my bladder, cleaned it out and tried to insert a tube into my urinal from the kidney to the bladder, unfortunately that was unsuccessful. The doctor sent a sample of what she found in my bladder to the pathologist. The result was clear, cancer.

Then everything went very fast, I was sent to the cancer institute in Amsterdam (AVL) and while waiting I started to lose weight, I lost weight in such a rate that the doctors were seriously concerned that I would not make it to the operation, they did all tests in a single day, looking in the bladder, a pet scan, a CT scan, blood tests and so on. Then I was placed on the emergency list for surgery and gave me at best a 50% chance to survive. After three weeks I was submitted to the hospital and during a 6 and a half hour session of surgery I lost my right kidney, my bladder and prostate.

Now I’m considered cancer free, and after 8 weeks I gained the 24 pounds I lost. I’m slowly recovering from the surgery and starting to cope with what happened.

So, I’m back, not completely yet and I am lucky to be here still, I thank all my friends whom endlessly supported me through all this, especially Dy, my sister and brother in law, you were my beacon of light in the darkest hours.


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